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winemaking experience

Making your own wine is an enjoyable hobby that offers even greater personal rewards, like being able to say “I made this” when friends compliment you on the wine you are serving.  Making wine from "scratch" (by crushing grapes) is also fun but requires a lot of time, space, and effort. 


Thirty750s offers a complete on-premise winemaking experience that allows you to make and bottle your wine at our location: No mess, no fuss.  Below are the typical steps you'll encounter in our store.   


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Step One: Choose Your Wine 


Choose your favourite wine from our wine menu. Depending on your taste, we have 4 categories of wines to choose from: Premium, Reserve, Select, and Specialty.   Not sure which is your favourite? Consult with our on-premise winemaker who will guide you. When in doubt try two! Or get involved in our Bottling Buddy program! 


Step Two: Start Your Batch


Once you've chosen the wine(s) you want to make, our team will help you add the contents of the wine kit into our proprietary conical fermenters.  The final step: You're provided the yeast to add to the batch (the yeast is what converts the sugars in the grape juices into alcohol). 

Step Three: Fermentation 


After you've added the yeast, our staff will store your batch in our custom wine vault for between 4 and 6 weeks. During this time, we'll manage the fermentation process for you, which include: 


  • Adding a customized Thirty750s Oak  to your batch in order to give select wines an oak finish not previously available in on-premise winemaking. Note: Unlike our competitors, we don't use the oak chips provided in the wine kits.. Working with certified oenologists, we sourced a superior product and process that produces dramatically better results.

  • Maintain the wine at an appropriate temperature, take hydrometer readings 

  • Remove sediment from the collection capsule at the bottom of the fermentation vessel. Note: the unique shape of our fermentation vessels (designed by the Thirthy750s founder) ensures that the wine has the least amount of contact with sediment possible. This produces a superior tasting wine.) 

  • When fermentation is complete, we pass your wine through an industry-leading 3-stage filtration process using winery-grade equipment 


Learn more about the Thirty750s Advantage

Step Four: Bottling 


In 4 to 8 weeks, you'll be invited back to bottle your wine. Provincial laws in Ontario prevent our staff from bottling the wine for you but why would you want us to? Bottling is part of the fun! Our team will transfer the wine vessel to our bottling area in advance of your visit so you're ready to start when you arrive!  


  • Bring your bottles or purchase bottles in the store

  • Fill your bottles and insert corks (using our winery-grade automatic corking machine)

Step Five: Labelling


When all your bottles are filled and corked, you move to the labelling station. You can use the wine labels provided or have custom labels designed. You will be given a choice of bottle wrappers to coordinate with your labels. 



Step Six: Enjoy!


Depending on the wine you've made and bottled you can bring your batch home and start to enjoy it right away! Many of our wines are best when aged in your home for another 9 to 12 months. This allows the tannins to mellow and the flavours to enrich.  Our winemaker will provide storage recommendations. 


That's it. It's that simple. Why not come in today and discover you next favourite wine? 


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