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Have you ever been confused by a wine-snob's over-the-top analysis of wines? No clue what they're talking about?  Not sure which wines are right for you? Well, our Select Wine selection is the perfect place to start! These 10L kits still contain very high quality juices and are listed from the country-of-origin so you can experiment with your taste buds at a value-price. Remember, all Thirty750s wines feature our multi-step filtering process and fermentation in our customized vessels. See more about what makes us so unique! 




With a deep red colour and aromas of strawberry jam, leather and plum your soul will be singing. The ATTITUDE becomes evident when you taste and experience full blueberry, strawberry and black cherry flavours before it finishes soft and easy. Ideal food pairings are tomato based pastas and red meats or while nibbling 3-6 year old cheddar.

Cabernet Sauvignon South Africa (CM)

Alcohol:  12.5%     Oak:  Yes     Body:  Full


Ruby red wine with smells of cherry jam topped with hints of chocolate - what more could you want? For some Cheeky ATTITUDE the well rounded flavours of cherry and mint mix with structured acidity before a beautiful smooth finish. Meal suggestions include poultry or pork dishes or enjoy alone at slightly cooler than room temperature.

Malbec Chile (CM)

Alcohol:  13%     Oak:  Yes     Body:  Full


This South American treat tingles the senses with its deep brick-red colour and rich fruity blackberry & plum aromas. The real CHEEKY-ness is found in the taste where flavours of fruit, cedar, earth and spice join to create a well structured wine with moderate tannins. For some Chilean attitude pair this wine with native dishes that include roast beef, lamb or pepper stir fry!

Merlot Chile (CM)

Alcohol:  13.5%     Oak:  Yes     Body:  Full


Intensely aromatic, with notes of violets, rose petals and red berry fruits this is a perfect CHEEKY choice. You'll love the violet colour and medium body with notes of toasted vanilla on the nose and palate. Be sure to show it off with your signature grilled chicken pasta dish!

Pinot Noir Chile (CM)

Alcohol:  13%     Oak:  Yes     Body:  Medium


Slightly feminine Sangiovese brings strawberry, plum and delicate spice notes to this “BELLISSIMO” of a marriage, while Syrah wears the pants offering intense blackberry, currant and black pepper spice character. Deep ruby red, this full-bodied wine is perfect with meat lasagna, pastas in marinara sauce and pepperoni & mushroom pizza.

Sangiovese Syrah Italy (CM)

Alcohol:  12.5%     Oak:  Yes     Body:  Full


 Heres a wine your mates will be begging you for! Shiraz is what Aussie wine is all about, BIG & BOLD! Like the Land Down Under its dry and intense with lots of ATTITUDE! Plums, blackberries and currants are complimented by a peppery finish as a result of the addition of toasted oak. This zesty choice serves well with beef tenderloin and grilled pepper steak.

Shiraz Australia (CM)

Alcohol:  11.5%     Oak:  Yes     Body:  Medi-Full


Blessed with the great colour and taste only a true Italian Valpolicella has, you'll go APE over this wonderful red! Aromas and flavours of plum and cherry are offered throughout this soft and smooth tasting wine. Great food pairings include red sauce pastas and meat lovers pizza.

Valpollicella Style Italy (CM)

Alcohol:  13.5%     Oak:  Yes     Body:  Full


Zinfandel-Shiraz California (CM)

Alcohol:  13.%     Oak:  Yes     Body:  Full


A popular California blend of Zinfandel and Shiraz captures the big, bold & beautiful western winemaking spirit. Zinfandels fruity red characteristics of raspberry jam, cranberry, black cherry and licorice blend well with the black currant, blackberry and pepper notes found in Shiraz. Grilled steaks or hearty beef stews make are a perfect match.

Cabernet Merlot Garnacha Spain (CM)

Alcohol:  13.5%     Oak:  Yes     Body:  Med-Full


A bouquet full of currants, white pepper and spices, this dry, medium to full-bodied blend has soft silky tannins and moderate acidity. Flavours of blackberries and cherries fill the palate as the lingering finish exhibits a kick of zesty red fruit.


Chardonnay Australia (CM)

Alcohol:  11.5%     Oak:  None     Body:  Medium


This great white will get the Sheilas Cheeky! Chardonnays unique flavours are enhanced by the rich red soils and warm Aussie sun. You'll enjoy hints of apple, pineapple and tropical fruit. A great wine with butter-soaked lobster and smoked salmon. Its even great with chicken from the barbie, smothered in a creamy alfredo sauce.

A pale, yellow colour with floral, spicy aromas this wines real character is evident in the taste where semi-sweet peach and apricot flavours continue into a persistent finish. The spicy notes on the nose and tongue create an ideal match for oriental dishes, smoked salmon and mildly spiced foods.

Gewürztraminer Germany (CM)

Sweetness: 2 Alcohol:  11.5%     Oak:  None     Body:  Light


The lush soils and cool climate of the American North-West bring out CHEEKY aromas and tastes of pear, white peach and pineapple. but the real attitude comes through at the end. Great body, zesty acidity and a refreshing finish make this an amazing choice on its own or with light pasta, shrimp and chicken dishes.

Pinot Grigio Washington State (CM)

Alcohol:  13.%     Oak:  None   Body:  Medium


Riesling California (CM)

Alcohol:  12%     Oak:  None     Body: Light

The warm California sun and cool ocean breezes bring out the best in Riesling (not to mention it's great with seafood on the beach!). This off-dry is a light straw colour with aromas of citrus and floral on the nose. On the palate you'll enjoy flavours of crisp citrus fruit, honey and apricots. For food pairings try salty Asian cuisine and antipasto plates.

This light to medium-bodied sipper is great on a hot day with its crisp, green apple flavours and refreshing finish. You'll appreciate the pale straw colour complimented by aromas of CHEEKY tropical green pineapple, guava, and pears along side light herbal notes. Enjoy on it's own try or with lightly battered fish or poultry.

Sauvignon Blanc South Africa (CM)

Alcohol:  13%     Oak:  None    Body:  Medium


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