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customer feedback

John Kinnuen shares his winemaking experience at Thirty 750s.

“The winemaker is extremely knowledgable in the wine industry and stands behind his product! It was an informative visit and I look forward to seeing the results!" 


Alex Agius, Mississauga, ON

“This establishment has wonderful wines and the winemaker is incredibly professional.  The establishment is a beautiful place to visit. Check it out you will be surprised at the quality and great service you get." 


Robert Liut, Richmond Hill, ON

Paul Iannicca talks about what makes Thirty 750s different.

“We have enjoyed our time winemaking with John and drinking at home with friends and family. The results of his and our efforts no complaints yet John guides us well in our choices and keeps us up to date with current trends."


Margaret Swaffer Shepherd Oakville, ON

"I used to think that on-premise winemaking stores were where you went when you wanted cheap wine. Thirty750s proved me wrong. They've created a winemaking experience that produces "Vintages" quality wines (and better prices too!)" 


Abraham Sweezle, Oakville ON

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