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bottling buddy program

Can't decide which is your favourite wine?  Unsure if you'll like a specific wine? 


It's for people like you that we created the Bottling Buddy program!


When your wine is ready to bottle,  you'll  end with thirty 750ml bottles of your favorite Premium, Select or Standard wine.  

However, if you come in with a friend and you each make a batch, you can split your batches so that you each walk away with fifteen 750ml bottles of a different wine!  Why not bottle fifteen Port-Style Dessert Wines with your Washington State Cabernet? Or fifteen  bottles of Cabernet Merlot Walla Walla Washington with fifteen bottles of  German Gewürztraminer?  Split a case of Premium with a case of Standard wines with a friend.   The idea is to explore the different wines available, try something new, and have fun with a friend! 


SAVE 20%


When you come in to make and bottle a batch with a friend, your friend will recieve a 20%  discount off his/her batch!  Split the discount or be generous and allow him/her to take the discount. (If you choose the latter, we  suggest you encourage them to take you out to dinner - so it's a win-win!)


What's better than making and enjoying a batch of wine? Making and enjoying a batch of wine with a friend!! 


What's better than making and ejoying a batch of wine with a friend? Saving 30% while doing it!! 


Note:  this offer is not available on promotional wines or in conjunction with any other offer including our Winemakers Club. Discount applies when two people come in to bottle two different batches of wine. Offer is not available for one person purchashing and bottling two batches. See store for more details. 


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